Your KITCHEN Project

Kitchen Design Project

Kitchens are spaces where we feed our families or ourselves, often referred to as the centre of the home. Over the years the functionality and kitchen design has changed dramatically. 

Homes therefore have evolved and the internal layout changed as the demands of family life have required more from kitchen design.

Now more than ever kitchen design often is more than just replacing units and sometimes involves construction work.

“Good kitchens are not about size; they are about ergonomics and light.”

Nigel Slater, The Kitchen Diaries: A Year in the Kitchen with Nigel Slater

Historically kitchens design was often hidden away and not really thought through. It was more about basic meal preparation than incorporating a social space. As life has moved on so has kitchen design.

Modern kitchen design is becoming more open plan and sometimes incorporating dining. They have become more sociable spaces than ever before. Technology is now influencing kitchen design.

The aim of this section is to give you the information necessary so you can plan your kitchen well from beginning to end, even before you look around. We will highlight how to create a great brief so you can speak to your kitchen designer more thoroughly, so that you understand what it is that you need and desire.