Highstreet Retail

Main retailers are companies like Magnet, Wren, IKEA, John Lewis, B&Q, Homebase and Wickes. These present an opportunity for an off-the-shelf product which can vary in price depending on budget. Each of these retailers offers varying levels of product quality of which we will discuss in more detail and discuss the differences.

These offer the least degree of flexibility when it comes to design and products are more standardised. They can be a great opportunity to get a quick result.

Design is often done in a commonly used product called Fusion 20/20. This software effectively builds the standard catalogue of products into the software, enabling the designer to pick up a standard product and put it into a room. Often the 'designer' is not experienced in either design or kitchen fitting. The nature of the software allows them to create a design on a drag and drop basis. This means the design is a low skilled job.

Fitting is always subcontracted out this means that the person who fits the kitchen does not work for the company, although they may be approved and monitored. Each retailer operates differently some do what they call a dry fit and some try and include all costs. This can cause much confusion.