Local Kitchen Supplier

A local kitchen supplier/retailer would best be described as a firm operating in the local area to you who does not have a national presence. Typically they have one or two showrooms at best and may or may not make the units and doors themselves.

Many of these companies have a supplier who manufactures units and the supplier who supplies the doors separately. They can be vast degrees of varying quality I'm cheap and cheerful budget-friendly right up to perceived luxury.

There can offer a greater degree of flexibility in design however, it is dependant on the design software they use and their supply chain, i.e. how they get the end product.

Many use products like fusion 20/20 or similar, again they may choose a supplier of products where the catalogue is built into the software. If they're using a standard piece of software it would suggest they're at the lower end of the budget, if they use more CAD orientated software it would tend to be at the higher end of the budget because it offers more flexibility.

Some of these companies still subcontract out the fitting, however, some employ the fitter directly.