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By nature of the focus of Denson Blake Ltd with limitless possibilities, the only limit being budget and imagination. Being able to do this means we can make anything possible. This means our knowledge of the materials used in the kitchen has to be extensive. That in part is why we can write this blog.
Denson Blake Limited was created for clients who cannot find what they want on the high street or readily available retailers whether that be local kitchen retailers or national kitchen retailers.
Following working with many retailers for a number of years from 2005, under A Fitting Company, Denson Blake Ltd was formed in 2012 bringing together expert design and the skills of an incredible cabinetmaker. This knowledge still continues today and helps us deliver a deeper understanding of the kitchen market.
But don't take my word for it. Why not see what other people said about the work done.
Aside from this we have a vast amount of experience under Denson Blake Investments Limited in developing properties. Having bought, sold or held 28 properties between 2016 to 2019, before taking a break for a while. This gives us a lot of experience in the associated building work, planning and building regulations around your property.
There is a vast amount of experience behind this website, bringing you the best and latest information that will help you realise your project to the fullest including guiding you through any building work that you might wish to undertake.

Our Mission

With an experience of most of the types of companies you will come across it is our mission to create an open honest source for those looking to make home improvements. Particularly the key spaces you will spend your time in from the kitchen preparing meals, to working in a home office, to your days rest after working hard and retiring to the restful sanctuary, your bedroom
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    Simon is a specialist cabinet maker born and bred in Yorkshire. He was an apprentice bench joiner and…

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    Marc Stokes-Denson studied design from the age of 14 during his school years and excelled at Design Technology.…