Home Remodelling


The reasons many people look to re-model their homes are due to changing requirements which often appear as short of space. Often the house becomes cluttered or as the family expands the needs of the family change. People either look to extend or somehow change their home.

With moving house becoming more and more expensive and inconvenient as people are often settled in an area, this option becomes quite desirable. Some people consider an architect, however this is not always the best use of resources initially.

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”


Often great results can be achieved by changing and re-purposing rooms, although this can be equally disruptive it can be less expensive. This allows you to focus on improving more areas of your home. Modelling the options available is a great way of being able to see how your house can be changed to see which solution is right for you.

The associated articles and links to this section will furnish you with many different options and give you suggestions on how to approach your project. Often there are some great hidden parts to you house which can be utilised with out much effort and perhaps things you may not have thought of. From cellars, to lofts, deep sub-floors to hidden nooks and cranny's which can produce wonderful results in home re-modelling.

It might be that eventually you need to get an architect dependant on what will best suit your needs. Maybe an extension is the right solution. The purpose of what follows is to give you the best information and ideas to help you get the best results. From understanding you budget, how you want your home to work and what may be needed in the future. This takes some creative flourishes and sometime some outside the box thinking. Being able to see your whole home as it is and how it could be is a great way to start.