Home Office


Young Woman Working at Home, Small Office

With the advent of modern technology and environmental concerns, more and more people are working from home. As life moves on maybe the home office will become less relevant as cloud packages and faster computers mean there maybe little need for large desks and storage?

Working from home offers challenges around the discipline of getting up and 'going to work' a home office design for you can make you a very personal work-space.

“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, and then succeed on purpose.”

G. K. Nielsen

That being said,  some people prefer having a environment which encourages them to work, therefore a home office can be a good solution. Sometimes this is converting a smaller bedroom however this needn't lose the facility to sleep as there are creative solutions where both can be achieved.

Home office design requires a great deal of thought, as computers become smaller, then it questions the need for a larger desk. Home offices could be incorporated in other areas without taking up a whole bedroom. This is where understanding needs meets creative thinking.

Home office design should be a space that is productive, however many sit at a dining or kitchen table. This can make these areas feel like a work-space, which can make it difficult when you want to stop work as it is not physically packed away. Home office design can solve this when your home office designer understands the equipment you have and how you work.

These can be great spaces and need not be overbearingly large. A good home office design should be a great place to work from home, however it is nice when you can physically pack it away and create that important separation between work and home life.