Your BATHROOM Project


Bathrooms are often the sanctuary of people's homes. The time to escape and wind down and get some much valued me time.

A space that is often more than just about washing, a time to escape the day to day. Good bathroom design starts with having a clear idea about how it will be used, by who and what frustrations you have with your existing bathroom.

It is not a time to make quick decisions, but a time to create the perfect environment

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.

Therefore bathroom design is very important to ensure that the ideal environment is created. Whether this be a busy family bathroom design for families with young children or bathroom design for people whose children have flown the nest and are are seeking something more suitable for the latter years.

The varying needs of people change and therefore bathroom design is incredibly important. Creating the perfect bathroom for you requires a well structured brief.

In this section we will highlight the things for you to consider when looking for a new bathroom for your home. We will discuss how the design should be considered to make sure it's practical for installation. We will discuss how the work should be done correctly and when shortcuts are made the complications and implications of that.

The objective of this section for bathrooms is to furnish you with enough information to allow you to become better informed so when you were discussing with your bathroom supplier you have the right level of expectation and a better understanding of the work involved to suit your budget.