Trade Kitchen Supplier

Trade kitchens are often done through either a builder or an associated trade for example and joiner who can approach a company as a tradesperson and offer the supply of kitchens to their client

The companies typically used here are Howdens, Magnet, Crown Kitchens to name a few. The person using these types of companies may not be a specialist but more of a general tradesperson. The design is usually done by somebody else working for the trade supplier and not necessarily the person you are dealing with.

This can sometimes appear to be somewhat budget-friendly however, it may be worth exploring some of the other options mentioned. Typically appliances are included which are unbranded or an own-brand associated with the company for example Lamona is closely associated with Howdens.

Trade suppliers tend to use standard software like fusion 20/20 and often designs are quite basic where they have a retail offering, for example Magnet. Where they are trade Only supplier they still use the same software and their catalogue is built around their trade offering.

Fitting would be done by the person you are dealing with or an associate of theirs. These may be a joiner but not necessarily a specialist in fitting kitchens.