Handmade or a cabinetmaker can offer the greatest degree of flexibility in design and result. The sky is the limit here, anything is possible but the more creative it gets the more it is likely to increase the cost

It's not restricted by a program. The design may come as a fully rendered 3D that is more than just a visual, but can be broken down into parts or it may come as a hand-drawn offering.

Cost-wise these can be mid-price ranged and above. This is more dependent on the design and materials used. This is more suited to people that cannot find what they want through normal avenues.

Under this category, there is a mixture of known brands like Clive Christiansen and Mark Wilkinson right through to challenger brands and cabinet makers in dusty workshops

Design ability will vary dependent on the individual. For example an exceptional cabinetmaker may not necessarily be the best designer and vice versa.

More than likely the fitter is employed directly or the cabinet maker will do the fitting themselves.